For over 40 years our staff have been providing tailored consultancy services on EU funding to public, voluntary and private sector organisations around the world. Our services range from grant identification, to grant submission, to partner search, to project compliance.

We provide a complete one-stop-shop solution package from the identification of the relevant grant to the coordination of the project so that you can remain focussed on your main areas of activities and not spend your time trying to understand and follow the various EU funding rules.

Map of the World Even if your organisation is registered outside the European Union there may still be EU funding opportunities available to you.     EU Grants available worldwide

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Senior Consultancy Partner

  • The Senior Consultancy Partner for European Consultancy Services is Dr Paul Quantock who has been assisting organisations in their dealings with the various European institutions since 1973. This has included identification, negotiation and submission of grant aid applications; assistance in lobbying and "contact building'' with European Commission officials; the preparation of "Strategic Review Reports''; and general help and advice on matters affecting organisations.

    During his decades of working with Commission programmes and institutions he has dealt with the total range of organisations including the private, public and voluntary sectors, in many countries throughout the world. He has written many articles, and given numerous presentations around the world, and also written a book entitled “1992 and beyond” published in the United States – designed to inform small firms about the European financial services industry. He was also joint editor with Bradford University (UK) for a series of eight publications detailing issues of various European Union policies e.g. Environment, Social and Regional Development.

    He has been recognized by the Governor and Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA for his International work and was awarded their highest honour, that of Kentucky Colonel.

    He has also been appointed by the European Commission as one of their European Project Evaluation Experts in the field of vocational training.